Exclusive: Drew Sidora And Ralph Pittman On Critics Of Their Marriage And The RHOA Moment They'd Do Differently

After almost two full seasons on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Drew Sidora and husband Ralph Pittman get it — their marriage has not looked the best. But despite the communication issues and spats that have played out on the show, talking to them outside of cameras, they seem quite solid. They’re easily in agreement, cheerful and most importantly, committed to making things work. “We’re always pushing through,” the actress and singer says. “I think people don’t get to see the layers of our ma

'I Knew Something Was Wrong': Wanda Durant On Her Graves' Disease Diagnosis, TED And Being Son Kevin's Biggest Fan

Usually, when you see Wanda Durant, she’s all about the game of basketball. She can often be seen sitting court side at NBA games, rooting emphatically for her son, Kevin Durant. She roots for him off the court too, uplifting him in all he does as an athlete who deals with a lot of unwanted commentary and criticism. “I’m Kevin’s biggest fan,” she tells ESSENCE. “He’s always going to be Kevin and that’s it. I understand the arena in which he’s in and being a professional athlete, you are going t

CMV Is The Leading Cause Of Birth Defects And Developmental Disabilities In The US. So Why Haven't You Heard Of It?

There are many things to be cautious about as a pregnant woman in this world, from what you eat to how you sleep, the stress you allow yourself to be exposed to, the amount of activity you partake in and more. But many expectant mothers may not be aware that there’s an infectious disease out there that could greatly impact them and their unborn child — and no, it’s not COVID-19.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, 35-Year-Old Mom, Sends Message With World Championship Win: 'You Can Have Success After 30'

For many women athletes who choose to hit the pause button on their careers to start a family, the road back to championship form can be rough, especially if you believe the whispers that you’ll never return to it. Jamaican sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce can relate. The 5-foot-tall phenom gave birth to a son named Zyon in 2017, via C-section, and some believed she’d end up retiring from the sport. She, at times, had her own doubts. “There were days I did think about whether my body would be

In Their Own Words: Celebrity Women Who've Shared Their Abortion Stories

With the recent move to overturn Roe V. Wade, there is no longer the federal constitutional right to abortion that has been in place for close to 50 years. It takes away the ability of a woman to make decisions about her own body in many states in the country. The response to this decision made by the Supreme Court has been met with great anger, disappointment and sadness. It has also shed a light on stories of women from all walks of life who made the decision to have an abortion.

Black Women Two Times More Likely To Die Of Cervical Cancer Than White Women. Dr. Jackie Says “Early Detection Is Your Best Protection.”

When was the last time you prioritized a trip to the doctor? If you’re honest, it probably has been a while. During the pandemic, it can feel like an appointment that can wait or that a telehealth visit can figure out, but according to Dr. Jackie Walters, famous Atlanta-based OB-GYN, Married to Medicine star and two-time breast cancer survivor, we can no longer stall on trips to the doctor. When we do, the necessary tests and examinations we need end up falling by the wayside.

All The New Beauty Products To Get Your Hands On In 2021

When the year 2020 was coming to an end, we showcased all the great beauty products that helped Black women look and feel our best, even when we were going absolutely nowhere, via our Melanin Awards feature. But now that it’s a new year, new products are being rolled out every week and have made their way to shelves (including the online ones) that you should know about. From moisture-rich products just in time for winter to ones that are a necessity all-year-round, we compiled a list of new mus

Hair Hacks: Some Of Us Are Simply Meant To Have Dry Hair. A Celeb Stylist And Dermatologist Say You Should Embrace It.

As someone with thick, 4C hair, I’ve struggled greatly with dryness all my life. Whether relaxed or natural, I could wash my hair and throw all sorts of hot oil treatments in it, only for the oil to end up building up on my scalp and failing to penetrate my strands. A day or two after having a greasy head of hair, my mane would be as dry as a Brillo pad again, rough to the touch. I believed that with the right moisturizing products, my hair could feel like satin. I just had to find them.

Beauty Of 5: Free Radicals Are Contributing To Hair Loss. P&G’s KeepItAnchored Has Products To Combat Them.

Of all the things that cause hair loss, from major changes to the body due to stressful events, and intense forms of stress, none may be more complicated than hair loss caused by oxidative stress. Never heard of it? You’re not alone. Oxidative stress is when reactive oxygen species, like free radicals, impact the ability of the biological system to detoxify itself. Risk factors for this imbalance include exposure to pesticides and/or industrial chemicals, pollution, smoking cigarettes, obesity,

Grownish Stars Chloe x Halle Talk Shedding Teen Image – And Some Of Their Clothes: “We’re Growing Into Who We Are As Women”

For Grownish stars Chloe and Halle Bailey, the theme song they sing for the show in which they star is very much pertinent to their lives: “Watch out world I’m grown now.” The 22 and 20-year-old sisters came into the spotlight when they were children, doing covers of popular songs as young girls with big voices on YouTube. Since then, they’ve released two studio albums, toured with their mentor Beyoncé, become fan-favorite stars of the popular Freeform sitcom, and, as everyone has noticed, grow

Saweetie On Her Grownish Debut, Why Women “Deserve” Birkin Bags, And How Fetishizing Her “Blasian” Roots Is Disrespectful AF

Saweetie is doing it all these days. The star, who is best known for being a rapper, is also becoming a social media star, or the unofficial “Content Queen” with her creative posts. She’s also something of a YouTube personality thanks to her docuseries The Icy Life. In addition to that, the beauty is breaking into acting, making her silver screen debut on Grownish.

Beauty Of 5: Aussie’s Gone Natural With New Miracle Coils Line For Type 4 Hair

Not sure about you, but when I think of the Aussie brand of haircare products, I think about commercials from the ’90s, filled with white women and the occasional Black girl with the loose, soft curls. It’s 2021 though, and not only are the ads more diverse but so are the types of products Aussie has that actually cater to curls. Created in 1979 by Tom Redmond, Aussie decided to focus in on curls in 2018. Since then, they’ve launched their curls line, recently expanding it with the Miracle Coil

Beauty Of 5: Dermatologist Explains How To Strengthen Nails With Help From ORLY’s New Breathable Treatments Line

Getting your nails done is quite the treat. Who doesn’t love to feel pampered as hands that have been submerged in dishwater, typed on laptops at home, and detangled a head full of hair get massaged, moisturized, and cleaned up? But what regimen do you have for your nails that doesn’t involve a nail tech? When you’re at home, are you regularly clipping and filing your nails, oiling your cuticles, and moisturizing your hands after washing them? If you are as swamped as most people stuck at home d
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